We have repaired a chateau cellar from the turn of the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, which is carved in sandstone under the Lobeč castle. The cellar is accessible both from the castle courtyard and from the village and its total area is 228 m2. In our wine cellar we will offer you a very pleasant stylish sitting over a glass of good wine.

You can rent your cubicle here with the keeping of an archive card. We can arrange accommodation at Lobeč castle.

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Wine offer:

  • Winery Richard Tichý
  • Winery Kraus
  • Winery Bettina Lobkowicz
  • Winery Tomáš Nečas
  • Winery Kutná Hora
  • Wine Šimák
  • Winery Sedlák
  • Winery Baloun

The medieval cellar carved into the sandstone more than 500 years ago, which was originally built as a refrigerator for the Lobeč brewery, has now breathed a new lease of life and come alive with wine from excellent winemakers…